A technicolor candy shop, Sweet As Fudge has something to suit every sweet tooth. There are gummy critters in all colors, chocolate- and yogurt-covered nuts and fruits of every kind, and even a selection for licorice lovers. What makes Sweet As Fudge special is how many different difficult-to-find treats they have. Bins of retro mix-and-match penny candies like root beer barrels and chewy Mary Janes are a riot of color wrapped in crinkly cellophane. Next to them, you’ll find seasonal treats like chocolate bunnies or candy corn, and just across the way, for something a little less sugary, neat packages of dried fruit and nuts. A box of artisan chocolates makes an elegant gift, or, if you’d like a little homemade treat to remind you of the county fair or a trip to the beach, don’t leave without some of their homemade fudge. Cut to order from generous slabs, it comes in classic flavors like maple and chocolate walnut, as well as inventive combinations like carrot cake and salted caramel.

Merchant Information

Tue & Wed: 8am-3pm
Thur - Sat: 8am-5pm

Year Opened: 2009

Map Location: B10

Payments Accepted: Cash, Credit Cards, RTM Gift Cards


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