A peaceful stand in the midst of a bustling market, Lynnette’s tea shop invites a moment of pause. Wooden shelves hold gleaming canisters of tea from all over the world, which you can take away or have in a cup brewed to enjoy there. Whether you prefer tea that is light and bright or deep and rich, the selection is broad. It includes classics like Earl Gray, caffeine-free infusions of ginger and peach, aged pu-erh, toasty genmaicha with puffed rice, passion fruit flavored black tea, and delicate, aromatic matcha green tea powder. Feel overwhelmed by the options? The staff will happily help you narrow it down, offering you the chance to see and smell different teas before making a selection. The short tea counter, accompanied by a few stools to perch on, is a meeting place in the Market—one where you can take a break from your day to chat over a hot cup of tea, or simply pause for a moment to pick up an iced tea to go.

Merchant Information

Mon - Sat: 8am-6pm

Map Location: B6

Payments Accepted: Cash, Credit Cards, RTM Gift Cards


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  • 215-629-0988