Under a long neon sign that reads “Eat Fish Live Longer,” John Yi Fish Market sells some of the freshest seafood in Philadelphia. Here you’ll find an impressive selection of farmed and wild-caught fish and shellfish, sushi-grade tuna and salmon, and a giant, back-lit tank crawling with live lobsters. Plus, they also offer some precooked foods, fresh-cooked lobster, crabmeat, shrimp; dry salted cod; and pre-seasoned scallops and fillets. Scope out their immaculate display cases to see what’s in season at any given time, and don’t be shy if you have any questions: the staff members behind the counter really know their stuff, and are always happy to chat about their products, share recipes, and dole out cooking advice.

Merchant Information

Mon - Sat: 8am-6pm
Sun: 9am-5pm

Map Location: B7

Payments Accepted: Cash, Credit Cards, RTM Gift Cards, EBT


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