When it comes to poultry, you can’t get much fresher than Godshall’s. Their chicken and turkey are locally raised, free-range, and delivered straight from the farm to the stand every day. Founded in 1916 by Charles Godshall and passed down two generations to current owner Steve Frankenfield in 1984, Godshall’s has a long reputation for impeccable quality and expert service. In addition to chicken and turkey, they also sell poussins, capons, ducks, geese, and other specialty birds, as well as free-range eggs, house-made chicken and turkey sausage, and cured poultry meats in all shapes and forms. Grab a number (they’re old school that way) and watch as the butchers break down whole birds behind the counter with just a few swipes of the knife. Whether you know exactly what you need or could use some inspiration, the staff at this poultry mecca will put you right at ease and send you on your way.

Merchant Information

Mon - Sat: 8am-4pm

Year Opened: 1916

Map Location: C4

Payments Accepted: Cash, Credit Cards, RTM Gift Cards, EBT


Get In Touch

  • 215-922-7589