From a small corner stand at Reading Terminal, Glick’s Rib Shack puts out a big aroma. There’s no seating and the menu at this Amish barbecue stand is mercifully brief, because they stick to what they do best: spareribs, baby back ribs, and a boneless rib sandwich. All of the above are available as lunch combinations with two sides—creamy coleslaw, green beans, baked macaroni and cheese, or crispy potato wedges—and a beverage. The ribs are slow cooked with a spice rub, so they’re savory, juicy, and tender, but not sloppy with sauce. The sauce comes in when you order. Select mild or spicy and you’ll get a cup perfect for dipping into, bite by bite. It’s a little bit messy, but this barbecue is worth it.

Merchant Information

Mon - Sat: 8am-5:30pm

Map Location: A11

Payments Accepted: Cash, Credit Cards, RTM Gift Cards


Get In Touch

  • 215-925-3155