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5 Unusual Menu Items from Reading Terminal Market

5 Unusual Menu Items from Reading Terminal Market

When it comes to food, there are endless opportunities to get creative. Sometimes a cuisine that may seem strange ends up being surprisingly scrumptious. At Reading Terminal Market, our merchants pull no punches when it comes to adding something a little bit different to their menus. Here are five unusual, yet delicious menu items you can find at the Market.

1) Beiler’s Donuts: Maple Bacon Doughnut

For all of you bacon lovers out there, dreams do come true. Check out this maple crème filled, sugar glazed, vanilla and caramel frosted doughnut… topped with bacon. Yes, you read that correctly. The sweet-and-savory combination of bacon with fluffy maple crème will bring your obsession to a whole new level.

2) MeltKraft: Melter Skelter


There is nothing better than a good, ol’ fashioned grilled cheese—or so we thought. Meltkraft has changed the grilled cheese game forever. Behold the Melter Skelter: A gooey, cheesy dream stuffed with a Raclette-style cheese, pickled green tomatoes, jalapeños, BBQ potato chips, and watercress.

3) Pearl’s Oyster Bar: Chicken and Waffle Benedict


For a unique twist on the American classic, Eggs Benedict, try Pearl’s Oyster Bar. Take a seat at Pearl’s and ask for the Chicken and Waffle Benedict, a dish served with buttermilk-fried chicken and local poached eggs over a sweet Belgian waffle, and then topped with honey Tabasco and hollandaise sauce. This dish will have you wondering why all Eggs Benedicts aren’t served like this.

4) Mueller Chocolate Company: Chocolate Covered WHAT?


They say chocolate makes everything better, but what about a chocolate covered onion? It’s no secret that the chocolate connoisseurs from Mueller Chocolate Company have a clever sense of humor. So, although they may not expect anyone to actually try this menu item, it’s safe to say you won’t find a snack of this kind anywhere else.

5) Beck’s Cajun Café: Alligator Sausage Po Boy


Beck’s Cajun Café brings the aromas and tastes of Louisiana right here to Philadelphia. Take a bite out of the South with their Alligator Sausage Po Boy, served with caramelized onions, peppers, and spicy creole mustard. Although eating large reptiles may seem unusual to us northerners, Alligator Sausage Po Boy is a strong and storied piece of New Orleans history and culture. See you later, alligator.

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“Meeting Reading Terminal Customer-Turned-Manager Anuj Gupta,” by Carolyn Wyman

agupta 576x800

He co-owns a restaurant, holds both public administration and law degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, is a former deputy commissioner in the city's restaurant-overseeing Office of Licenses and Inspections, and most recently headed a nonprofit with $30 million current and completed projects.

With that kind of resume, is it any wonder Anuj (pronounced A-new-j) Gupta rose to the top of a list of candidates from a national search to become the new manager for nonprofit food icon Reading Terminal Market?

"I wanted it bad," Gupta, 41, told a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer in mid-May, when he was named to succeed Paul Steinke (who resigned last December after 13 years as Market manager to run for City Council.). Why so bad? we asked him one recent morning at a table near the Head Nut, as the Market's breakfast crowd sipped coffee and ate doughnuts and egg sandwiches.

"Because I love this place. Who wouldn't want to have the chance to have an impact on an institution of this importance? This is not just one of America's greatest food markets, it's also one of this country's greatest public spaces."

Gupta grew up in the Philly suburbs as a foodie, the son of "gourmet chefs" whose Jyoti Foods was one of the first brands of all-natural shelf-stable Indian foods sold in U.S. supermarkets. "Leftovers in my house growing up meant leftovers from yesterday's four-course dinner," he says.

Career-wise, though, Gupta's long-held goal was public service at the federal level. But an AmeriCorps job in Boston, a summer internship in Philly and a fellowship in New York City made him see "that you can have a bigger impact locally. That's also where the real innovation happens."

Hence his L&I and Managing Director's Office jobs in the Nutter administration, and for the past four-and-a-half years, as head of community development corporation Mt. Airy USA, all while patronizing Reading Terminal Market. In fact, Gupta remembers having breakfast at the Market his very first day of his City Hall job in 2008.

As his family's primary cook, with a particular talent for Vietnamese dishes ("I'd put my pho broth up against anybody's," he boasts), Gupta says he frequently shopped the Market for dinner ingredients during his three years working for the city, storing them in an office refrigerator before taking the train home to Mt. Airy. Although, Gupta adds quickly, already in Market-booster mode, you don't have to have an office refrigerator or be a great cook to make dinner from the Market.

"I know many of the fish vendors will pack your purchases in ice so they'll be fine for a number of hours." And, "Getting a high-quality, quick meal on the table is as simple as grabbing some sausages from any of the great sausage specialists in the Market -- all they need is some grilling -- and a couple of salads or pasta dishes from any number of stands."

Gupta is married to University City District planning and economic development director Prema Katari Gupta and has two young children. About nine months after the birth of now 5-year-old daughter, Leela, Gupta began a Saturday morning ritual of breakfast, shopping and book-reading/father-daughter bonding in the Market that lasted three years. "I could have gone to the seating area at Whole Foods and done the same thing. But it wouldn't offer the same experience. The Market much more lends itself to spending family time together." That's one of the things that makes it so special."

As owner, with his parents, of Jyoti Indian Bistro in Mt. Airy, Gupta can also relate to Market food vendors. "I know what a stand owner goes through when facing an inspection because as a restaurant owner, I've been through it myself." Gupta also knows how it feels to "have someone buy your food and be really satisfied. That's hard to beat." In fact, he says, sometimes after a long week of working on long-term projects at Mt. Airy USA, he would man the register at Jyoti Bistro on a Friday evening for a restorative dose of that immediate, positive feedback.

Gupta is taking over the reins of a Market that, "thanks to the fantastic work of Paul [Steinke], the board, the merchants and the staff" is in "a position of strength." Still, he says, "Just maintaining the status quo" at a time when a Mom's natural foods store is being built at 11th and Market and when Gallery Mall renovator Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust is talking about creating "an epicurean experience on Filbert Street would be a recipe for disaster."

In the immediate future expect a renewed "focus on cleanliness and safety" from a Gupta administration, and, going forward, efforts to increase the Market's accessibility through technology, including upgraded Wi-Fi, a smartphone app highlighting specials and helping with Market navigation and also, possibly, partnering with Center City corporations to make the Market's existing Instacart delivery service a company benefit. (So for example, an Aramark employee could "shop" the Market online in the morning and find her purchases waiting for her in the building to take home at the end of the workday.)

He is also hoping to "make better use of the entire inside and outside of the building to relieve some of the congestion during peak periods," perhaps by closing Filbert Street to vehicular traffic afternoons for seating and arts performances on ordinary Saturdays as it is now for special events, like this Saturday's annual Sidewalk Sizzle and Ice Cream Freeze.

As for the personal challenge of working among all the Market's great food without getting fat, Gupta says, "I was a competitive swimmer and still train two to three times a week, so I just need to keep that up -- if not increase my practice frequency!"

Carolyn Wyman is the Market's news correspondent and operator of the Reading Terminal's bi-weekly Taste of Philadelphia Food Tour.

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Sidewalk Sizzle and Ice Cream Freeze Festival!

Sidewalk Sizzle and Ice Cream Freeze Festival!

Saturday, July 18, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Outside the Market on Filbert Street

We welcome you to another edition of our annual Sidewalk Sizzle and Ice Cream Freeze, the ultimate summer festival filled with grilled eats and sweet treats!

The gang’s all here this year: Shrimp kabobs, Cajun burgers, grilled corn on the cob, grilled Tastykakes, turkey legs, sausage sandwiches, gelato, grilled fruit sundaes, hand-churned ice cream and much more.

Live music, presented by FringeArts, will include original songs all about ice cream written by Caitlin Antram and Liz Filios and performed by Matthew Mastronardi, Amanda Jill Robinson, and Caitlin Antram. Bring the kids and be sure to check out our ice cream eating contest, games and various arts and crafts.

Admission and activities are free, but food is pay as you go.

See you there!


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Five Must-Try Recipes for National Watermelon Month

Five Must-Try Recipes for National Watermelon Month

July is National Watermelon Month, so what’s a better way to celebrate than with these tasty watermelon recipes? You may have grown up eating sliced watermelon, but there are so many more ways to enjoy this refreshing fruit. As delicious as they are versatile, these five watermelon recipes are sure to be a summer hit.

1.) Watermelon Salsa


Looking for something refreshing and light to eat on a hot summer day? This watermelon salsa recipe from The Food Network is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Pick up the freshest ingredients from Iovine Brothers Produce, OK Produce or Fair Food Farmstand. (Serving Tip: Best enjoyed with tortilla or pita chips.)

2.) Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint


This recipe from The Kitchn is simple to make, but loaded with flavor. The creamy feta complements the crisp watermelon and is guaranteed to win over whomever you’re feeding. The feta is key in this recipe, and can be found at Downtown Cheese, Salumeria, and Valley Shepherd Creamery.

3.) Grilled Watermelon with Blue Cheese and Prosciutto


Step out of the box with this sweet and savory side dish from My Recipes. Grilling the watermelon naturally intensifies its sweetness, which is nicely complemented with blue cheese and prosciutto. Speaking of Prosciutto, stop by Salumeria, Downtown Cheese, Valley Shepherd, and La Divisa Meats for the best, thinnest slices.

4.) Baja Fish Tacos with Spicy Watermelon Guacamole


No matter what coast you’re on, fish tacos are a classic summertime favorite. This recipe from Yummly upgrades the beloved summer tradition with a watermelon guacamole. The watermelon sweetens up the jalapeno and spices, creating a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. For fresh fish, stop by Golden Fish Market, John Yi Fish Market, or Wan’s Seafood.

5.) Watermelon, Chili and Basil Ice Pops


Whether you are looking for desert or a snack to cool you down, these Watermelon Ice Pops from The Food Network will leave your taste buds wanting more. The unique blend of watermelon, basil and chili is sure to hit the spot! (Produce pro tip: If you are unable to find Thai basil, regular basil will be just as delicious.)

We hope that you are as excited as we are to celebrate National Watermelon Month. For the freshest ingredients, head over to Reading Terminal Market and get cooking! And go ahead and share any of your favorite watermelon recipes with us—we would love to hear them!

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5 Benefits to Drinking Raw Milk

5 Benefits to Drinking Raw Milk

Raw milk refers to milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized. Raw milk is simply taken from 100 percent grass-fed cows, filtered, cooled and then bottled — with no processing or treatments involved. Alex Jones, Value Chain Coordinator at Reading Terminal Market’s Fair Food Farmstand, sat down to share the benefits of raw milk.

How Does it Taste?

Let’s be honest: Taste matters most. Many people agree that raw milk has a better taste and texture when compared to pasteurized milk. Raw milk is frequently described as sweeter and fresher tasting, according to Jones.

For Your Health

Nutrients found in milk are higher before pasteurization. The high heat level involved in pasteurization alters some of the enzymes originally found in the milk. Raw milk is full of healthy fat, vitamins and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Some people claim that CLA increases metabolic rate, burns fat, boosts the immune system and even decreases food allergy reactions.

Great for Cooking


Cooking with raw milk can add more flavor and volume to your food. Unlike pasteurized milk that eventually rots and goes bad, raw milk sours instead. But it can still be used in the kitchen! Jones uses raw milk when making dairy foods from home, like cheese and yogurt.

Attention: Lactose intolerants

Although not scientifically evident, many swear that raw milk decreases the likelihood of lactose intolerance. It is believed that the pasteurization process destroys an enzyme that aids with digestion, which may explain why raw milk may not affect lactose intolerants.

Better for the Cows (and the Environment)


Healthy, grass-fed cows enjoy stress-free lives. Cows are born to eat grass, which explains why their dairy contains plenty of health benefits. Additionally, small dairy farms help contribute to a sustainable, friendly environment.

Raw milk is not available in all states, and even in states where raw milk is sold legally, it can be rather challenging to find. But you can find two merchants at Reading Terminal Market who carry it! Fair Food Farmstand and Lancaster County Dairy both offer fresh raw milk in various sizes. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Raw milk is not for everyone. Although raw milk dairy farms are regularly inspected and required to pass even stricter standards than for pasteurized milk, this does not mean that raw milk cannot still be contaminated with bacteria. Young children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to infections originating in raw milk.

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Summer Cookouts: Vegetarian Style

Summer Cookouts: Vegetarian Style

Summertime is filled with grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, and the occasional BBQ chicken, but what are the vegetarians of the world supposed to do? For many vegetarians, cookouts can be a dreaded summer tradition, due to a lack of options. However, with these meatless dishes, cookouts can be fun again! These delicious meatless recipes are sure to even leave the carnivores wanting more!

1. Caprese Kabobs


Caprese dishes are always a hitand this recipe from Ruffles and Truffles will not disappoint. These kabobs are great as a side dish or as an appetizer! Be sure to pick up some fresh mozzarella from Downtown Cheese, Salumeria, or Valley Shepherd Creamery! (Insider’s tip: Valley Shepherd makes their mozzarella in-house everyday.)

2. Grilled Mango with Jalapenos


This unlikely combination will have your taste buds going absolutely wild. This sweet, salty and even spicy recipe from The Food Network is dangerously delicious! Grilling the mango enhances their naturally sweet taste, which wonderfully complements other flavors, like spicy jalapenos. Ask the folks from Iovine Brothers Produce and OK Produce to help you pick out the best mango to grill.

3. Sweet and Tangy Melon Slaw


What’s better than fresh melon or refreshing mint in the summer? This “sweet and tangy” recipe by Country Living is sure to be a hit at your next get together! Pick up the delicious ingredients at Iovine Brothers, OK Produce, Kauffman’s Lancaster County Product, or Fair Food Farmstand.

4. Mexican Corn Salad


Corn is a cookout must. However, keeping your corn on the cob plain can bore your guests. This recipe from Bon Appetit is sure to keep things interesting!Switch things up with this Mexican Corn Salad that will be sure to keep everyone on their toes. Pick up sweet local corn from all four of our produce stores to give the salad an extra punch!

5. Portobello Mushroom Burger with Avocado Chimichurri


Portobello mushrooms are a tasty and healthy burger substitute. This recipe from Foodie Crush will leave meat eaters ready to convert. While you’re at Reading Terminal Market, stop by one of our produce merchants mentioned above to pick up the freshest ingredients!

With these great recipes, we hope that you vegetarians no longer shy away from summer cookouts. Head over to Reading Terminal Market for the freshest ingredients that will make these recipes even better. Vegetarian or not, let us know what you think of these summer recipes!

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“Barbecue Tips from the Market Experts,” By Carolyn Wyman

glickmakesribs 800x600

Next week marks the unofficial beginning of summer and of the summer grilling season -- the perfect time to tap into Market merchants' expertise on what to grill and how to grill it.

Who better to talk to for barbecue tips than The Rib Stand's Phares Glick? All Rib Stand ribs marinate in a dry rub for 12 to 24 hours before being cooked on the grill for an hour and a half, then finished off in a 300-degree oven for at least another hour ("the longer, the more tender," Glick says). Glick says he knows some people who bake the ribs before searing but he thinks "they don't dry out as much this way." His stand sells uncooked seasoned ribs for folks who like to D.I.Y. with some time-savings, as well as ready-to-eat ribs and rib dinners for the totally time-pressed.

Anthony Dienner of Dienner's Bar-B-Q Chicken is one of those who believe in searing meat before low-slow cooking. This results in chickens with "nice, dark crispy skins," Dienner says, especially if you spike a standard all-purpose barbecue rub with a little dark brown sugar as he does.

Godshall's Poultry sells the whole birds and pieces you could use to try out Dienner's technique along with barbecue-friendly specialty poultry cuts like turkey broil, chops and ribs. But stand employee Will Alderfer's go-to grilling cut is actually a plain old chicken cutlet, cooked 15 to 25 minutes (depending on grill temperature and thickness) and topped with Dijon-mustard-honey sauce.

Bored with hot dogs? Fresh sausages are as easy to cook and can also be served in buns but are lots more interesting, especially if you use one of the almost 50 flavored varieties (chicken Jamaican jerk, turkey andouille, and pork apple or provolone and parsley, among them) sold at Martin's Quality Meats & Sausage. (These do need to be cooked longer than hot dogs, though, because they're not precooked.)

La Divisa Meats also sells fresh sausages. Mention grilling and the second thing Nick Macri mentions are his Coppa pork collar pieces, aka pork "steak," which can be grilled in the same way as the beef kind. Or try his ground lamb for a different kind of hamburger. (All La Divisa's products are locally sourced from whole animals, by the way.)

And grilling is not limited to carnivores. Alex Jones of Fair Food Farmstand says currently in-store, in-season veggies like asparagus, spring onion and rhubarb taste great from the grill. Toss the asparagus or onions in oil, season with salt, pepper and anything else you like, and grill to desired tenderness. As for the rhubarb, Jones suggests marinating 2-inch pieces of the stalks in sugar for at least an hour, placing them in a grill basket (or a makeshift basket fashioned from double-layered foil), then grilling on both sides until tender. She recommends pairing with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream (like her stand's Weckerly's brand).

Cook your veggies and ribs on the charcoal grill but cook your burgers in a pan on your stovetop -- the home equivalent of Hunger Burger's flat-top grill, is stand owner George Mickel's story-concept-contrarian advice. "Burgers cooked on a charcoal grill seem to ball up. They'll burn outside and still not be cooked in the middle." Hunger Burger recently added turkey burgers to their menu in response to consumer demand: If that's also the kind of burger you want to make at home, be sure to buy a mix with enough thigh meat. Otherwise it will be too dry, Mickel advises.

Speaking of burgers: Among the newest and most unique of a shelf-ful of books about barbecue and other traditional foods for the grill at the Market's The Cookbook Stall is Build Your Own Burger, a flip book in four parts by Vicki Smallwood. Instead of the building faces from ears, eyes and noses you may remember from flipbooks of your childhood, Smallwood offers flipable buns, sauces, patties and toppings yielding up to 60,000 different (though probably not all equally delicious) combinations. Looking for more than just smoke flavor while grilling? Check out Flavorize, a new book by Ray "Dr. BBQ" Lampe totally devoted to "Great Marinades, Injections, Brines, Rubs and Glazes."

Don't have time for D.I.Y. barbecue sauces and rubs? The Head Nut sells all manner of bulk seasonings and dry rubs by the quarter pound (smoked barbecue dry rub, Montana steak seasoning and mesquite dry rub among them). Best-sellers from their shelf of barbecue sauces include the Bone Suckin' and The Shed brands, says the stand's Jennifer Quinn. Meanwhile, Lysander's rubs and Rufus Teague Kansas City style barbecue sauces sell best at Jonathan Best.

Another way to up the flavor of grilled meats or fish: Place them on some cedar grilling planks sold at Amy's Place. "You just soak them in water then place your meat or fish right on them on the grill," says stand employee John Sabolchic. Amy's also sells barbecue fish baskets (which keeps the fish from sticking on the grill or falling apart when you flip it) and chimney grill starters (charcoal lights quicker in these metal tubes and when you pour the burning coals into the grill, results in a more even cook).

Need more than just tips? Get hands-on instruction in cooking baby back ribs and barbecue chicken as well as several sides from Beck's Cajun Cafe chef Bill Beck at the June 20 "Fire Up the Grill" class in the Market's City Kitchen. Sign up at

Carolyn Wyman is the Market's news correspondent and operator of the Reading Terminal's bi-weekly Taste of Philadelphia Food Tour.

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Cooking Up A Memorial Day Party, Reading Terminal Market Style

Cooking Up A Memorial Day Party, Reading Terminal Market Style

What’s Memorial Day without a good, old fashioned cookout? If you want your party to be the tastiest bash of the season, you’ll need to fire up the grill and kick your menu up a notch. Of course, there’s no better place to find fresh and local ingredients than right here at Reading Terminal Market. From farm raised beef to homemade donuts, we’ve got everything you need to cook up a Memorial Day Party, Reading Terminal Market style!

Hors D'oeuvres: The Party Staple

(Almost) Fruit Salad)


Salads are an absolute must have at parties. They’re light, tasty, and keep guests satisfied until dinner’s ready. This Blueberry Tossed Salad by Taste of Home is the perfect fruity addition to any outdoor party. Head over to Fair Food Farmstand, OK Produce, Iovine Brothers or Kauffman’s Lancaster County Produce to find the freshest produce!

Shrimp Cocktail With A Spin 


Shrimp and pasta are delicious on their own, but when combined they reach a drool-worthy level. If you’re looking to impress this Memorial Day, give this Confetti Shrimp Cocktail Pasta Salad recipe from AllRecipes a taste. You already know where to find the veggies (hint: scroll up), but if you’re searching for some savory shrimp, we recommend Wan’s Seafood,John Yi Fish Market or Golden Fish Market.


Entrees: The Main Event

Sausage Made Simple


What’s a Memorial Day Party without a dog on a bun? Luckily, our vendor Wursthaus Schmitzmakes it easy to up your sausage game. All you need is one of their handy grill packages. Feed 5-8 people with the $60 package, or 12-15 people for $115.

Package includes:

Homemade bratwurst, Weiner, Hungarian sausage, Bauernwurst, Speckwurst, Sauerkraut, German potato salad, spicy German mustard, sweet Bavarian mustard, German curry ketchup and hoagie rolls. Now that’s a lot of brat for your buck!


Not Your Basic Burger


In our opinion, the best part of every cookout is the burgers. Beef, turkey or veggie, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re grilled to patty perfection. If you want to kick your party into high gear this year, try making these basil burgers with sun dried tomato mayonnaise. As far as ingredients are concerned, you can find farm raised, local beef at L. Halteman Family Country Foods, freshly baked buns at the Market Bakery and Metropolitan Bakery, and artisanal cheese at Downtown Cheese, Salumeria, and Valley Shepherd Creamery.


Dessert: The Crowd Pleaser

Beiler's Donuts and Termini Bros Cupcakes


Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Let’s be honest, dessert is what everyone’s looking forward to chowing down on, so make sure you’ve got the best of the best. Send your guests spiraling into sugary bliss with Beiler's Donuts and Termini Bros cupcakes. They're the perfect grab-and-go, no-utensils-needed sort of sweets that every party deserves.

If you hear your stomach grumbling already, listen closely. From our experience, it’s probably saying, “Happy Memorial Day.” Help it celebrate! Now that you have the ultimate crowd-pleasing picnic menu, stop by the Market, pick up your summer grub, and maybe even grab a donut for the road.


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Ripe For The Picking: Spring Produce We're Eager To Eat

Ripe For The Picking: Spring Produce We're Eager To Eat

Break out the grills, roasters, steamers and peelers, becauselocal produce is back in season! Birds are chirping, and crops are growing… well, some crops are growing. Much of the Northeast’s produce isn’t harvested until summertime, but there are a handful of tasty, local crops that will soon spring onto the shelves of our produce vendors. Keep your eyes open and your stomachs hungry!



Like a spear to the heart, it hurts how much we love asparagus. Grilled, steamed or oven roasted, this versatile veggie is one to savor. Be on the look out the first harvest of Asparagus has already started to arrive at the Market!

Freshness Tip: To keep your asparagus fresher longer, wrap the stems in a moist paper towel and store them in a plastic bag.

Pea Greens


You might have seen these leafy greens being sold in tumbled masses at local markets (like Reading Terminal) last spring and summer. Typically harvested from April through June, you’ll want to grab these babies before they go!

Cooking tip: Pea Greens are best served sautéed with some olive oil and seasoned to taste.



If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, then you’re already well aware of our love of ramps. And since they’re one of the first spring crops, you’ll be able to revel in their deliciousness very soon. After stopping by the Market, give some of these recipes a taste. They’re a sure fire way to ramp up your ramp game.

Freshness Tip: Since ramps have a short growing season, be sure to chop and freeze them. This way you can enjoy them in cooked dishes year round.



We love our green veggies as much (if not more) than the next guy, but it’s time to sweeten the produce pot. Here’s some juicy information: harvested in June, strawberries are the first local fruit crop of the season. We’re counting down the days until these bright red berries hit the shelves of our produce vendors.

Freshness Tip: Rinsing strawberries speeds up spoiling. Hold off on washing them until you’re ready to eat.



Harvested in May, arugula goes far beyond just salads (although it is a heavenly addition to any salad). This mild leaf is also delicious in sautés, soups, and your favorite stir-fry. For the freshest flavor, search out dark green leaves of uniform color, and avoid any damaged, yellow or wilted leaves.

Cooking Tip: The larger the leaf, the bigger the kick. Small arugula leaves tend to have a milder flavor, while larger leaves have a peppery flavor.

It may not be as bountiful as Northeastern summers, but spring packs its very own produce punch. So venture out into the sun, and come visit us at Reading Terminal. After all, you never know what’ll be springing up on shelves. Let us know which spring crop you’re dying to bite into!

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Now Growing: 5 Ramp Recipes We’re Springing For

In our opinion, spring hasn’t sprung until that first ramp bushel arrives. There’s a reason these leek-like veggies have become one of the season’s most popular ingredients! Their unique flavor and versatility makes ramps a perfect addition to almost any meal. Although we couldn’t possibly list them all, here are a few of our favorite ramp recipes!

1. Ramp and Eggs

This brilliant breakfast option was cooked up by our very own Iovine Brothers It’s simple, healthy and, according to the produce experts, even more delectable when served with cornbread, potatoes, and meat or fish. Get cracking!

2. Bacon And Ramp Dumplings

Bacon and Ramp Dumplings


Ramps and bacon are a match made in culinary heaven, especially when paired inside of a crisp dumpling. This recipe by Serious Eats is nothing less than a tightly sealed pocket of happiness! Each bite brings us a bit closer to nirvana.


3. Grilled Ramps With Asparagus

Grilled Ramps with Asparagus


Nothing rampus up our spring spirit like the return of grilled vegetables! Firing them up enhances “their wild, earthy flavor.” Yum! Plus, it only takes a 5 ingredients to bring thisMartha Stewart Living recipe to life (we bet you can guess two of them). Talk about simply delicious!


4. Chimichurri Ramps Bread With Lemon Thyme Butter



This Vegetarian Ventures creation is the bread and butter of ramp bread recipes. Okay, so ramp bread might not be a very extensive category, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. The thought of parmesan, olive oil, and one fresh bunch of ramps has us all doughy!


5. Seared Salmon with Linguini and Ramp Pesto

Image result for seared salmon with linguine and ramp pesto


Just when we thought pesto couldn’t get any better, they added in ramps. And by they, we mean Bon Appetit. The combination, thrown over top of linguini and seared salmon, results in a dangerously good dish. That is, dangerous in a someone-help-me-I-can’t-stop-eating-this sort of way. While you’re at RTM, stop by John Yi Fish Market, Wan’s Seafood, or Golden Fish Market to pick up a fresh catch of salmon!


So grab an umbrella, brave that April rain, and head over to Reading Terminal while the picking’s ripe! Make sure you visit soon, though— even in the mild spring temperatures, ramp is one hot commodity, and we know you want to give these recipes a taste. Do you have any drool-worthy ramp recipes? Tell us!




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